That’s an inspirational story. At Mobio Interactive, we were the first to show that a meditation app can outperform placebo. Our app, “Am Mindfulness”, is still the only mobile app to have accomplished this (but to be fair most others have never been tested).

The key thing about Am Mindfulness its unique ability to measure. Without any wearable, we can assess the balance of your autonomic nervous system and thereby quantify your cognitive stress. If you complete measurements before and after meditating (guided or self-guided), then you begin to understand what types of meditations are most effective for you.

And Am begins to understand too. We still have a work to do on the product, but we’re starting with a strong, clinically-validated base. In not too long, Am will completely personalise to each individual according to objective information.

Thought you might find this interesting, and we’d love your feedback if you give Am a go.

Thanks for sharing your story,


Neuroscientist & CEO @ Mobio Interactive. I support my team in the pursuit of effective and accessible healthcare for every human.

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