It’s not clear to me that a “fast, intuitive side” of the brain processing frequently-used words, is responsible for the intuitive answer being wrong. The words that, at least to me, make it seem as though the answer should be 10 cents, is actually the phrase “The bat costs $1.00”. That’s the information that I would guess is picked up and stored in working memory. Note here that the common word “more” is left out of what is stored in working memory. If common words were part of the “fast, intuitive side” then wouldn’t we more readily store “more” and less readily store “cost” and “bat”? Seems more likely to me, as a neuroscientist, that the intuitive answer is wrong because working memory stores semantic components of language (like the phrase “the bat costs $1.00”). It seems less likely that the answer is wrong because a “fast, intuitive side” of the brain processes frequently used words to build a framework for language.

Neuroscientist & CEO @ Mobio Interactive. I support my team in the pursuit of effective and accessible healthcare for every human.

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