This is a highly superficial article — but that’s not the primary problem. Superficial articles can be wonderful. The primary problem is that the article supports a line of thinking that is not logical. Specifically, it is not correct to conclude that a model of the brain is more likely to be correct if that model helps an algorithm become more efficient. The brain, from what we know so far, does not process information like a typical transistor computer. Nor is it clear that a computer would process information better if it acted more like the brain. Even something as “basic” as the neural network in machine learning, though inspired by biological neural processing, probably is a very poor model for how the brain processes information. More fundamentally, we have no reason to believe that the brain is efficient — we only know that it has been sufficient to help our species survive (so far…).

Neuroscientist & CEO @ Mobio Interactive. I support my team in the pursuit of effective and accessible healthcare for every human.

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